Glass Partitioning

glass partition

MDfitout Ltd are experienced in the installation of partitions both in domestic properties and business oriented / office spaces. It is a cost-effective way to either permanently or temporarily divide up an existing space – and really make a difference to your business or home.

Partitions have the benefit of being lighter and more portable than masonry walls and can be designed in ways that provide improved, acoustic performance and fire resistance.

Partitioning – The Perfect Solution

MDfitout offer an ideal solution for creating offices, meeting rooms, staff dining, toilets, kitchen areas and any other areas that may need attention through effective use of office partitioning. We’ll help you make the very best use of your space, whilst building a professional, practical and engaging workplace tailor-made to your exact needs.

Fully Customised Partitioning Projects

We are able to customise projects according to the individual design and parameters including: glazed partitions, wall coverings, veneered solid panels and framework, shelving, integral blinds, patterned glass and high quality veneered doors, skirting, door furniture, glazing and carpets all to optimise your finished project.

Our extensive range of internal office partitioning specifications can be supplied and built to accommodate all applications and budget, including the modification and refitting of many pre-existing office partitioning systems. It is the quickest and most cost-effective method of achieving a workplace that works for you.

Not only can it solve your fire proofing, insulation and sound proofing considerations, it also helps you make the most of your space whilst setting up a professional, practical and attractive working environment.

Our knowledge of office partitioning includes:

  • Office
  • Demountable/Relocatable Partitions
  • Silicone Jointed Glass Partitions
  • Encasements
  • Replacement
  • Enclosure Units
  • Curved Partitions
  • Real Wood Partitioning
  • Factory
  • Metal Stud Partitioning/Dry Lining
  • Wall lining/Dot and Dab/Cladding
  • Jumbo Stud
  • Mesh Partition
  • Steel Partitioning
  • Single Skin
  • Double Skin
  • Fire Protection
  • Steel Partitioning

The benefits of office partitions include:

  • Swiftly make interiors into modern, attractive and clean environments.
  • Create offices, spectacular meeting rooms, reception areas and break out suites inexpensively and quickly.
  • Provide personal space and privacy for your staff members.
  • Helps you manage office noise and significantly lower disruption.
  • Fast to Install (meaning much less downtime, fees and inconvenience for you).
  • A cost effective solution as compared to permanent walls.
  • Simple to install and modify to accommodate change and expansion, without making changes to the framework of your building.